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We train our models to understand marketability, sales and their role in helping you move product!

Fashion Shows

An Avante Fashion Show is developed to keep an SL resident's attention on stage and show off your clothing line the way you envisioned your designs!


Avante employs some of SL's leading photographers to cast your products in the perfect high quality light for your sales and marketing!


We are first and foremost, a business in business to help your business succeed!  When Avante represents your line, be it clothing, accessories or even footwear, you know that our goal is your bottom line! 

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In the middle of work with another agency and you're not happy with how it's going?  No problem, we can help!  We'll come in and help get things back on track!  


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Avante stems from the word, "avant-garde" meaning daring, standing out, unorthodox and radical, all about the music, visual and literary forms of art.  Now, while we are "out of the box" thinkers in how we perform our duties, realizing that it takes creativity, challenges and differences to capture attention and gain market share, what is

not so "out there" is our approach to modeling and fashion.  We believe in the vision and dream of the designer, we believe in the purity of the modeling form and the purpose of a fashion show being to show off and sell the designer and the designer's fashions.  We will always focus clearly on the industry as they do in RL and keep your vision 

in the forefront of everything we do!  We train our staff and our models this way and we believe that you expect nothing less -- nay, that you deserve nothing less than the full attention your amazing work and creativity deserves!

Filipa Thespian,
President, CEO

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